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Welcome to SAEOA

Welcome to the Southern Africa Employee Ownership Association (SAEOA). SAEOA has been registered with
Companies Intellectual Property Commission as a Not-for-Profit CoMpany (NPC) under the Companies Act of 2008.
SAEOA has been established as an organisation to serve the interests of employees and employers and be the voice
of the employees, companies and shareholders on sharing ownership broadly with the people who make the company

SAEOA has been established to assist the above stakeholders in redressing the weaknesses, fill gaps on
policies and come up with the right financial models. South Africa has the right policies, political will, and resources
to support and implement the EO.

Let Us Assist You:
Have a company where employees take accountability, are trustworthy and communicate clear Messages. All of the principles that you long to have at work are now obtainable. Do you have ageing owners or shareholders or shareholders tired to own the company? Join SAEOA in transiting your company to EO to save jobs, break the gap of inequality, eradicate poverty and sustain the socio-economic livelihoods of employees. Simply become an employee-owned company / business.

About Us

SAEOA Key Priorities

  • Drive Transformation Through Employee Ownership.
  • Driving Economic Growth Through Employee Ownership.
  • Facilitating Job Creation and Saving of Jobs Through Employee Ownership.
  • Be The "Voice" of Employee Benefit Trusts on Ownership matters.
  • Create responsible Employee-Owned Enterprises / Businesses.
  • Influence Policy formulation.



  • Access to Cheaper Finance.
  • Speaking or Engaging government with “One Voice”.
  • Monthly Magazine on Employee Ownership.
  • Training, Workshop, Seminars, Webinars and Annual Conference to Share Experiences and Challenges.
  • Access to resources on Employee Ownership e.g. Panel of Experts.
  • Improved Policy framework addressing issues of Employee Ownership.
  • Awards (Monthly, Quarterly & Annually).
  • South African based Surveys and Research Papers.
  • Access international best practices and lesson learnt.


  • Advisory on Employee Ownership
  • Employee Buy Out (EBO)
  • Structuring of Employee Benefit Trusts
  • Structuring transaction through succession planning in a form Employee Trust
  • EO Research / Surveys (Partnership with Universities & Colleges)
  • Training and Development
  • B-BBEE Advisory (Broad Based Ownership)


To forge and formalise partnership with the following key potential stakeholders:

Ownership Associates
Employee Ownership
Industrial Development Corporation (IDC)
National Empowerment Fund (NEF)
Land Bank
Public Investment Corporation (PIC)
Private Sector
Corporate Sponsors