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SAEOA Key Priorities

Drive transforamtion through Employee Ownership; Driving Economic Growth through Employee Ownership; Facilitate Job Creation and Saving of Jobs through Employee Ownership;

Be the "Voice" of Employee Benefit Trusts on Ownership matters; Create responsible Employee Owned Enterprises / Businesses; Influence Policy formulation;

Contribute in the improvement of the socio-economic livelihoods of the majority employees participating in employee ownership programs; Capacity building for board of trustees, management and shareholders on Employee Ownership subjects; To encourage or influence government and any funder to create incentives / funding to finance Employee Buy Out (EBO) or start up 100% owned by employees.

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Our main strategic mission and focus is to drive transformation through employee ownership, ensure broad based transactions are properly funded and benefits are fairly distributed earlier to the target beneficiaries.


Driving and promoting Employee Owned Enterprises / business in the Republic of South Africa and the continent.

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